A Compelling Goal, A Clear Strategy and A Strong Team

Organisations no longer operate in isolation, they exist in a volatile mileu of increasing regulation, global competition, economic disarray and disruptive innovation. They are subject to continuous pressure:
  • To improve profitability and provide attractive returns for shareholders
  • To create market leading services and product lines
  • To cope with rapid technological change
  • To satisfy their customer’s steadily escalating expectations of value
  • To adjust to changes in the competitive landscape.
And as if that were not challenging enough, yesterday’s winning formula is no guarantee of continued success:
  • Competitive advantage can be quickly eroded by imitation
  • Maturity in the marketplace can make an organisation vulnerable to disruptive innovation
  • Pushing a strength to its limits can become destructive as exemplified by DEC, Polaroid and others
  • Not spotting that the world has changed until it is too late opens the door to competitors
Despite this, strategies tend to evolve incrementally and are often based on what has worked well in the past. No surprise then that strategy and the business environment in which it operates get out of alignment. With this in mind, we suggest that it makes no sense to develop a detailed long term strategy. What is needed to best position your organisation to exploit external volatility, is a strategic direction which is clearly understood and the ability to anticipate events and adapt to changes in the external environment as they occur.

Our Strategy Optimisation Service is built around the use of scenario planning to equip you with the ability to anticipate the future and plan contingent actions coupled with strategic dynamic modelling to provide insight into:
  • Why performance has followed the path that it has
  • Where performance is heading under current policies
  • The effect of environmental factors on your organisation’s performance
  • What changes will alter future performance for the better
Modelling and simulation allow you to reduce risk by testing ideas and new policies in a safe environment prior to making a decision to deploy.

To deliver the service, depending on your needs, we will organise and run workshops, carry out interviews, create all necessary documentation, build models, train staff in building, using and maintaining models, facilitate decision making, lead the planning process and if required help to communicate outcomes.

While the above are crucial, they do not tell the complete story of how you organisation creates value for shareholders, customers and employees. To complete the picture, We can also help you with:
  • Refining your mission, vision and values
  • Creating a set of strategy maps and a corresponding balanced scorecard
  • Designing and testing a set of organisational policies and a corresponding decision making infrastructure
  • The alignment of culture, organisation, resource plans and technology with your chosen strategy
  • Product and service strategy and market alignment
  • Hypothesis testing, problem solving and decision making
  • Facilitating strategy away-days.
To understand how we link strategy to results, see our Corporate Performance service.

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