Delivering Results As Well As Advising

Businesses tend to use temporary staff in one of three ways:
  • As a consultant, for diagnosis and advice or to provide support when undertaking a new initiative
  • As a contractor, to provide technical skill for which your business has a short term need
  • As an interim manager, a freelance senior manager who can take on such tasks as running a department or a specific programme of work. An interim manager will usually be accountable for a set of outcomes and is necessarily given the authority and control needed to get the job done.
Our core team are highly experienced interim managers, all of whom have served an apprenticeship in ‘big consulting’. Consequently, they are able to operate as consultant or hands-on manager. To maximise the value of their contribution, we aim to cultivate the optimum mix of practical experience and strategic thinking in our people.

We can also help with sourcing the more technical roles. We maintain a pool of trusted associates with expertise in a number of areas including Lean, Six Sigma, IT implementation, business analysis, programme office and project management which we can use to supplement your implementation teams. If we cannot fill a vacancy from our own pool, we can still use our considerable experience of recruiting contractors on your behalf.

We can and do take responsibility for delivering certain elements of an engagement and will, under the right circumstances, manage the whole initiative for you - as long as we are adding value to your organisation.

There are many reasons why an organisation or parts of it can encounter difficulties which end in a downward spiral. In these situations, it takes a high level of management skill to halt the decline and get things back on an even keel so that reconstruction or realignment can take place. Often, such a task is given to someone from an accountancy background which while understandable, may not be the best answer. Although symptoms of the underlying problems will undoubtedly be financial, the root causes usually are not. Our approach and techniques are aimed at getting to the root cause of organisational problems.

Many of our core team are experienced in managing turnaround situations. If you are experiencing severe performance problems, Contact us for a confidential discussion.

If you are interested in using Interims and Consultants effectively - and getting the most value from using them - take a look at our article Using Interims and Consultants or to visit Les Ormonde’s interim management site click here

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