Maximising Peoples’ Contribution

For people within an organisation to be truly productive and engaged, attention must be paid to four specific areas:
  1. Attracting the right people - today’s hiring mistakes are tomorrow’s churn
  2. Getting them aligned with the organisation’s strategy
  3. Maximising their potential
  4. Keeping them via Talent Management, Succession Planning and designing the right rewards and incentives
We can assist with each of these areas and offer a full range of strategic HR services. Our people oriented services impinge directly on business performance:


In today’s corporate environment, it is teamwork, not finance, strategy or technology that makes the difference and poor teamwork, particularly at the higher levels of an organisation can cripple performance. To address the effects of poor teamwork on an organisation’s results, we assess selected teams against teamwork factors:
  • Purpose - the degree of commitment to a common purpose and set of performance goals
  • Trust - the level of trust between members, trust in what is being communicated and trust in actions
  • Skills and Resources Alignment - the ability of the team members to achieve the purpose with the skills and resources at their disposal
  • Team Dynamics - addressing decision making ability, conflict resolution, learning and process
  • Operating Effectiveness - How well the team works together to achieve goals
  • Leadership effectiveness - the degree to which the leader enables and motivates the team to perform
We then use that baseline to identify areas for improvement, establish the right measures and then help the team raise their performance to the required level.

If a more comprehensive approach to aligning staff at all levels with organisational goals is needed, we can deliver a Power and Systems event - an immersive 3 day workshop which in which participants experience the universal conditions, traps and dilemnas of organisational life, combined with solid theory on how to avoid them and improve their day to day interactions. Participants come away from the workshop armed with insight into the cost to the organisation and to them personally of poor interaction with the social systems that affect them and a blueprint for improvement.

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