Improving Performance Requires Know-how

CoDynamics is a small specialist consultancy that helps organisations solve difficult organisational problems. We work with our customers to identify the root cause of underperformance relative to their goals and deliver solutions using our highly collaborative approach and the techniques which we have honed and adapted to meet the needs of our chosen market.

We believe that lasting change can only be achieved by the people within the organisation who must be committed to making that change. The value that we bring as consultants is in our know-how which we apply to motivating, mobilising, helping and guiding your people through the process of identifying the real underlying problems, designing and implementing the best solution and embedding and sustaining the gains.

Although we are based in the UK, our primary market extends to Europe and the Middle East where we have built up a strong track record in a variety of sectors including:
  • Banking
  • Engineering
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Media
  • Transport
  • Supply Chain and Distribution
  • Criminal Justice
  • Other Public Sector

Established in 2009, Co
Dynamics is also supplemented by a select group of associates who have all been hand picked for their experience as business executives, their ability and their dedication to producing quality outcomes. We only offer associateships to people who have impressed us in the workplace. The associate model affords us great flexibility in bringing the right skills to bear on a client’s problem for as long as they are needed (but no longer). All of our people are expected to stay at the leading edge of their discipline.

We aim to deliver exceptional value

CoDynamics is a trading name of Au Fait Management Ltd. which is registered in England: No 5189723.

Registered Offices: c/o Pearson Buchholz, North House, 5 Farmoor Court, Cumnor Road, Farmoor Oxford, OX2 9LU

Vat Registration No: 844 6684 89

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